Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aaron Renfree

Aaron Renfree was a member of S Club Juniors/8 chosen by pop band S Club 7, he was born on the 19th of December 1987. Aaron was the oldest member of the group and met fame with their first single 'One Step Closer' at No.2 in the charts. The band continued succes and released a futher 3 singles 'Automatic High', 'New Direction' and 'Puppy Love'. After the success of these 4 singles, S Club Juniors released thier first album 'Together'.
After 'Puppy Love' was released, the band went on a hiatus before comming back as S Club 8. S Club 8 released three singles 'Fool No More', 'Sundown' and 'Don't Tell Me You're Sorry'. S Club 8 released one album together 'Sundown'.
After the release of the last single, S Club 8 reformed into a new band, I Dream and produced a show with the same name for CBBC. Aaron played the role of himself. After all episodes of I Dream had been aired, the band stayed together for a few months before splitting up and going their own ways. I Dream released one single 'Dreaming' and an album 'Welcome to Avalon Heights'.
After the band split, Aaron went into performing arts to continue doing what he loves best, performing. He joined the dance group T.K. Spin as was with them for some time before moving to 'Jongelours' doing various performances around towns. Aaron has taken part in theatre work and has produced many photoshoots as a career as a model.

Aaron Renfree


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